Digital Resolutions For Your Business

03 January 2012
Ok, so it’s a new year and you’ve made a bunch of resolutions about losing weight and being a happier you and doing a triathlon and so on.

But have you made any resolutions for your company’s digital presence?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.  I will revamp the website this year.
If it was made in 1999 and still looks like Yahoo Geocities  - crumpled paper background, large blue font, flashing pictures of fairies etc – you need to do a full rework. Spend the money. It doesn’t even have to be huge and expensive. A slick, modern, well designed 2 page website with up to date and concise information will get you much more credibility than 20 crappy, out-dated pages.
If your website is fairly recent, and by this I mean less than two years old, go for a simple spruce up – change a couple of images and copy just to keep the site fresh and looking like you care.

2.  I will update the website regularly.
If your website lists products, news, blogs etc, for goodness sake keep them current. If you cannot keep up with regular updates you have two choices:  either hire someone to take care of it for you, or remove those sections from your website completely. Nothing is worse than a website with a latest press release dated 2007 and products that you have not stocked for years.

3.  I will have meaningful exchanges on Social Media platforms
If your business has a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other social media outlets, make sure that it is regularly updated with meaningful content. Fans are not interested in the occasional “woohoo it’s Friday” post. Offer information on products & services, exclusive content, competitions or even behind the scenes views of your company. Answer questions within a day. Make it interesting and often or give it up completely. Don’t make your company lame in the eyes of the network.

Remember that your digital presence is a shop front for your business. Take a bit of pride in it. The rewards can be quite worth it.

Happy New Year.

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